Arts, Media & Engineering

Enriching Experience With Computational Media.  And Experimentally Extending What Constitutes Computation and Mediation

About Us

To empower students not to be just consumers but authors, creators, inventors of emerging computational media technologies.  To know not only how to make video sound, lights, objects move and interact around you, but also why.   To have technical power to animate media and objects around you, but also the judgement of when and why to exercise that power.

We give students the means to not only imagine how our world -- which is thoroughly infused with computational logic from our banks to our phones to the clothes we wear --could function other than the way it does, but to also make those alternatives.

The working world tomorrow is not for those who can only do what they are told — we make robots for that — but to think another world is possible, and then to show how it can be made.